Life is a celebration of our deepest passions. We feel alive when we laugh, smile, create and love. This is our philosophy and photography is just the way we express it.

Weddings are incredible! How often do the dearest people to you all come together? That's a truly remarkable occasion and will probably be one of your most epic celebrations, full of beautiful guests, faces full of joy and perhaps some tears.

We are Ben and Vesna and we find ourselves in this privileged position where we tell love stories. This is a rare moment in time and a glimpse into something very personal that we are proud to be able to capture. Those moments will last a lifetime and beyond through a visual legacy.

Our meeting was in fact a Santorini summer love affair. So, we are very familiar with the island's magic spell.
It all happened at a rather dark local bar.
Ben: "I could only see her silhouette."
Vesna: "I had my friend posing next to Ben. I took a photo so we could check him out!"
And, there Ben was that winter, meeting Vesna's family. So, something must have been right.

We were married in Santorini in 2014 at our favourite location with our nearest and dearest.

We now spend 24 hours together. We fortunately both love food, travel, music and photography so we seem to get on well except for ongoing disagreements over the best way to steam rice.

FACT: Ben never says no to beer. Vesna never says no to cake.

Ben and Vesna both began an interest in photography at a very early age.

Ben’s father was a keen photographer and the family hair and beauty salon meant creativity and the focus on imagery was never far away. Ben really started enjoying photography whilst using an old Nikon film camera during his student years which really opened up the possibilities and freedom behind photography. Vesna was given her first camera when she was 10. Being influenced by her father, who was an army photographer, she always loved being behind the camera, capturing all the memorable moments through her life.

Ben has a creative background in the arts. He studied history of art and cultural studies at Middlesex University London, graduating in 1995 with a BA honours. He gained a post graduate diploma in creative advertising in 2001 where he became introduced to the creative process behind advertising and art direction which now plays a significant role in his photographic command.

Vesna studied tourism at the faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management, Novi Sad, Serbia graduating in 2009 with a BA honours.

Santorini is where Ben and his brother Nathan furthered their direction in maintaining the highest level of creative photography.

Now, working with Vesna as the second photographer, strengthened their ability to document weddings in a natural, personal way.