We are a husband and wife photography team based on the beautiful island of Santorini, Greece. We specialise in weddings, honeymoons, engagements and lifestyle. Sharing a love for photography and the way we see the world, made it possible to work closely together. Throughout our lives, photographing people and landscapes whilst travelling has developed a strong affinity for capturing true impressions of our surroundings.

We both began an interest in photography at a very early age.
Ben's father was a keen photographer who would always have professional cameras and studio lighting that he would set up in the house. It was when he gave Ben his lovely 1970's Nikon SLR when Ben was 18 that he really started enjoying the freedom behind photography.
Vesna was given her first camera when she was 10 and since then she has been the one photographing her friends and family. Being influenced by her father, who was the principal photographer in the army, she always loved being behind the camera, capturing all the memorable moments through her life.

Ben has a creative background in the arts. He studied history of art and cultural studies at the Middlesex University, London graduating in 1995 with BA honours.
He gained a post graduate in creative advertising in 2001 where he became introduced to the creative process behind advertising and art direction, which now plays a significant role in his photographic command.
Whilst living in Australia he contributed regularly on assignments for a magazine Investigate photographing and documenting various aspects of Australian current affairs, arts and culture achieving some compelling published work.
Vesna studied tourism at the Faculty of Geography, Tourism and Hotel Management, Novi Sad, Serbia graduating in 2009 with BA honours.

Ben joined his brother Nathan in Santorini to collaborate and further their direction maintaining the highest level of creative photography. Now, working with Vesna as the second photographer, strengthened the ability to document weddings in a natural, personal way. Our backgrounds in arts and tourism enable us to offer the best service as we understand the kind of photography our clients are looking for and the way to deliver it.

As we were destined to meet and marry on the island of Santorini, we appreciate all the anticipation and excitement of a wedding day and of course its magic. We love to capture pure emotion through our photography - photos that represent a timeless, classic quality.
We work at a level with the couple that puts them at ease. Their connection together, glances, gazes are what we are looking for as this is the essence of the love they share.

We want you to remember your day with all the emotions you both experienced through the photographs you will have forever.